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08 May 2011

Treating on the Street

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The highlight of today was treating the kids and their families who live along the street from the residence to the main road.  This started out casually yesterday, and when it started to get a little crazy, we made an official mobile clinic time for today at 1pm.  I saw about 20 patients.  Some of it was just like life back in the US, like the women who had repetitive stress injuries from doing their laundry by hand for years (instead of the Americans who all have repetitive stress injuries from their computer mouse).  And, some of it was stuff you would only see in Haiti.  One mother brought her child because she was worried his eyes were yellow.  After a closer look, I had him open his eyes really, really wide, so I could prove a point.  Everyone thought I was playing games and started laughing.  I convinced him to do it, and I pointed out to his mother that he did not have eyes that were all yellow the way people who are very sick do – his eyes were yellowish from irritation and living in poor conditions, but only on the parts that were routinely exposed.  On the sides, they were white and looked normal.

Oh, and the women who had pain in their shoulder blades from washing clothes also seemed to think I was crazy when I had them show me their washing motion, and then flip it in a mirror image and tell them they had to start washing that way at least half the time to balance the stress on their backs and muscles.

In other news, Peterson and I have been declaring “Tampico Time” every day around noon.  Tampico is an orange or fruit punch flavored drink that is sort of like Sunny Delight.  In a bottle about the volume of a soda, it has over 60g of sugar packed in.  Impressive.  And, there is nothing like an ice cold blast of sugar suspension keep you going in the heat.  Not quite as much fun as when the Tampico in the residence was being stored next to the insulin in the fridge.  Tampico and insulin, anyone?  See you tomorrow!

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