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10 May 2011

Mission: Williamson

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Williamson is the kid Kathleen McCann, the neurosurgeon from Ireland, found in an orphanage last year and rescued.  He was sick with infections all over his body.  There is a photo of him sitting in the field hospital wrapped all over in bandages, and having his wounds cleaned.

I ran into my friend Christina Buchner on facebook IM last night, and she mentioned that Williamson is still sick with infections on his skin!  Christina stayed on in Haiti last year, and spent a lot of time helping out here, even after the field hospital closed.

The original plan for today was to help out at a clinic.  But, the clinics are always running.  If we could instead find one sick kid, a poor guy who has been sick for over a year, and who was in an orphanage before that – then the world is a tiny bit better of a place.  So, we went off to find Williamson.  Christina gave us the phone number of Yves, the night guard from the field hospital last year, and he apparently had a way to reach the woman who took in Williamson, Marouschka.

When Marouschka heard that there was a doctor looking specifically for Williamson, and that he had been sent by Christina to check on him, she had a friend bring him from where they live, almost an hour away, to her work, and she brought him over to the residence to be seen.  And indeed, he still has skin lesions all over his body!  After some careful diagnosis, and taking some photos to get second opinions from my friends in Infectious Diseases and Dermatology, Williamson went on his way.

In the US, this kid would have been hospitalized, had an Infectious Disease consult, a skin biopsy, all kinds of blood tests and lab work, a definite diagnosis, and he would have been quickly treated and cured.  Here he is, still suffering a year later.  He obviously has some kind of skin infection, and infections are treatable.

In my book, it is unacceptable that something like this happens in the world today.

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